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HENGXING Technology once again participated in the Renewable Energy India Expo

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Renewable Energy India Expo was successfully held in New Delhi, India on September 18-20, 2019

Organized by UBM India, Renewable Energy India Expo intends to accelerate the growth of India's Renewable Energy sector and contribute to the country’s sustainable economic development.

India will emerge as a solar power hub, to become one of the largest green energy producers in the world. my company was invited to participate in this Expo to realize the great potential and emerging opportunities of the solar energy industry.

Hengxing Technology has once again launched the company's main product solar cell silicon wafer and Diamond wire for cutting.

Polycrystalline Silicon Wafer is used to make solar cells and modules, which can transfer the solar power into electricity and enhance solar wafer efficiencies.

Hengxing is the leader in producing silicon wafers for solar cells in the semiconductor industry. In 2015, the infrastructure project was completed, and on September 2018, the 100MW wafer production line and supporting projects were commissioned and put into operation. Now our production capacity is 0.12 billion silicon wafers, 0.54GW in total and it will keep growing.

Production steps of monocrystalline and Polycrystalline solar silicon wafer

Prepare Silicon Material - Pickling - Silicon Ingot Casting

- Silicon Square - Stick - Silicon Slice - Clean - Packaging

we are Professional silicon wafers and solar cells production exporter, please contact us if you need it.